dubtrain.one is a mobile, battery driven, high end horn speaker soundsystem on a bike trailer. It is custom built and derives from the tradition of Jamaican/UK soundsystem culture. Whereas soundsystems generally need a lot of manpower for transport and setup, dubtrain.one is easily pulled by bike and is ready to play within seconds. It is possible to ride and play music simultaneously.


dubtrain.one has a range of 60km and 7-10h playtime. It will amplify phono, line and microphone signals and has delay effects and a dub siren built in. The overall weight with driver, bike, trailer, amplification, batteries and speakers is around 420kg.

dubtrain.one stands for sustainability without compromising in sound quality, visual experience, handling or enjoyment.

Most of the components were built or bought regionally.


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concept and realisation: Manuel da Coll alias Cpt. Yossarian

speaker and amplification (concept and building): Freewind Soundlab

LED lighting (concept and building): Feuerbasti

custom preamp (concept and building): Bereich03

trailer: Carla Cargo

locomotive: XCYC

battery: Greenpack/Swobbee

power converter: Victron

audio cables: Cordial

foto/video content: Pietro Fiorito


dubtrain.one is financially supported by:

Neustart Kultur/Gema/Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien


Thank you: Julian Gabriel/Andreas Fischer @Freemind Soundsystem, Sebastian Feuersenger @Feuerbasti, Michael Heilrath@Bereich03, Thomas Bergmann @CarlaCargo, Swobbee, Greenpack, Ansmann, Cordial, Thomann, Thomas Hass@XCYC, Victron Energy, Christian @Oswald Audiosolutions, Pietro Fiorito